4:55 A.M. Comes Early


Four fifty-five comes early. A little bit, or a lot a bit, early by my way of thinking. Darkness, like a cloak, still covers the world when we leave the house. Fortunately, the bitter cold of deep winter is in the rear view mirror as the car pulls out of the driveway.

“Day 3,” I muse, “Why did I ever agree to this?”

One part desire to get in shape, I guess. Two parts, love. That I do know. My two grown sons who have returned through the revolving door to our home after college, asked me, or hinted really, to join them in going to the gym in the morning. What grown-up, young men want their mom to go with them to a gym? Not too many. So, of course, I had to say yes.

So, when I hear the buzz of the alarm, I drag my sorry bones out of bed and slip on my exercise clothes, all laid out nice and neat in the bathroom. Opening the bedroom door as quietly as possible, I attempt not to waken my husband who still slumbers peacefully in bed.

“Have fun,” comes the gravely voice, in spite of my best efforts.

“I will. Thanks,” I reply. Well, I thought he was still asleep.

Down the stairs I go.

“Hi, Barbs! Ready to go?”

About bjdonaldson

I think of myself as a Renaissance woman with a variety of passions. If you visited me, you might find me hanging out with my husband and children. Our Golden Retriever would be lovingly near. I am a Literacy Coach/Reading Specialist at an elementary school where I provide professional development and coaching to teachers. Formerly, I was a Reading Recovery teacher, an interventionist, and a middle and elementary classroom teacher. Getting up in the morning is not hard; I still love making a difference in the lives of children and teachers.

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  1. This was such a sweet post! I know how much my mom loves having my brother home (she enjoys me, too, but I’m more of a daddy’s girl and he’s more of a momma’s boy..:) ) and she does anything and everything that he asks- she loves being involved in both of our lives! Your boys sound like wonderful men and you seem to have raised them that way. Yay you, and kudos to them for not being “too old” to have mom around 🙂

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