Azure Sky


Azure sky

Sunny rays

Illuminate Winter shadows


Clouds vanish

Flee away

Loosen Winter’s frozen grip


Gentle breezes

Chilly still

Lift hope on wistful wings


Robins chirp

Hearts stir

Yearn for frollicking Spring

About bjdonaldson

I think of myself as a Renaissance woman with a variety of passions. If you visited me, you might find me hanging out with my husband and children. Our Golden Retriever would be lovingly near. I am a Literacy Coach/Reading Specialist at an elementary school where I provide professional development and coaching to teachers. Formerly, I was a Reading Recovery teacher, an interventionist, and a middle and elementary classroom teacher. Getting up in the morning is not hard; I still love making a difference in the lives of children and teachers.

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  1. I like the structure of your poem with 2 short lines and then one longer one per stanza. I found myself gearing up as the reader with the short punches for the longer glide at the end. It is indeed a beautiful azure sky, but here in MA it is deceiving as once one steps outside, the sting of winter is ready to attack! Thanks for the colorful slice!

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