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Thank you, Bayer!


For Cold or Flu

Doctors Recommend:

  1. Rest in bed
  2. Drink plenty of fluids
  3. Take  2 aspirin to reduce fever and relieve pain

That was a Bayer advertisement on television when I was a little girl; I can remember it still.  Straight forward, logical recommendations. It seems like this advice has been squeezed out of our busy, hurry-up lives.  I wonder why?

When a little girl, I remember, under the care of my mom, following this advice.  If I was sick (which was very rare) and at home, Mom tucked me in bed, brought me orange juice, hot tea, or water, and gave me 2 aspirin.  Then, I slept or read or, the best option, Mom came and sat with me for a while. She held my hand or read me a story or just talked. Having her there was really comforting.  By next morning, my happy, healthy self was back running around, full of energy and sparkle.

Today, no one is allowed to be sick.  If we are, run to the doctor, get antibiotics, and  return to the usual hectic pace without even a slowdown.  Or, we just power through. The malaise, not surprisingly, seems to linger on and on.

Well, today, a stomach flu laid me low.  When you are vomiting, you can’t really go into work.  Very inconvenient to be turning green and running for the bathroom every half hour!  I stayed home, wrapped up in a quilt and rested on the loveseat; drank as much fluid as I could handle; and took pain relievers to help with an accompanying, splitting headache.  I watched some t.v. and dozed most of the day. I didn’t have energy or desire for much else, even this slice. Several family members stopped by to see how I was doing and cheer me up.  I don’t think I’m 100% right now, but I am mending fast.

As I followed what doctors recommended from the 1960s, I got to thinking that this is the way recuperation should be when sick with colds or flu (or some stomach bugs): rest in bed (or on the loveseat), drink plenty of fluids, and take pain medicine as needed.  I’m glad I did.

Thank you, Bayer!






“It’s a Girl!”


These memories came flooding back, with accompanying waves of emotion, as I was writing a birthday card to my sweet daughter, now a grown-up woman.  

“It’s a girl!” the resident exclaimed.  

After a few, brief moments my husband’s arms reached tentatively out to take the pink-faced, black-haired little bundle from the nurse who, all smiles, was handing her to him. Time seemed to slow down, wait, and almost stand still. Wonder spread across John’s face like sunbeams bursting through clouds after a storm as he gazed into the now-seeing, but bleary eyes of the daughter he was now holding.  Those sea-green eyes, so full of emotion, like lakes brimming over after the spring thaw, sought mine. A wobbly smile and tearfilled eyes answered that lover’s call. This beautiful miracle represented all our love and hopes and dreams. How could this perfect, 10-fingered, 10-toed little girl be all that?  

“She’s beautiful!” he said huskily, then added, “I love you.”  A kiss sealed those words–and his love-in my heart forever as he gently placed our new daughter in my waiting arms.

Life’s Little Pleasures


The day has been a peaceful one, full of the pleasures that make my heart happy.  The kind of pleasures that just make life beautiful. First, when I did my Saturday banking, I chatted and laughed with the teller.  I greeted the next teller by name. A smile lit my face as a strode out the door.

Then, my husband and I went to Starbucks for a quick cup of coffee. Before we went in, we stopped to chat with a stranger.  And his two Corgis, one was 7, and one was 3. Strangers connected by a common love for dogs.

As we sat down with our coffee, my husband and I happened to see an acquaintance from work, and we chatted how we ended up in Wisconsin.  It was just everyday conversation about the weather and the merits of living in our community. A conversation where we made a little connection.  I walked out of the shop into the brisk wind with warmth in my heart.

Then, my little, sweet granddaughter came over to visit and showed me how she can toddle across the room now.  Then, “Where is Mabel?” A pink-cheeked face wreathed in smiles, peeked out from behind the table. “There she is!”  More baby giggles. Ah, that is pleasure.

Next, off to the airport to collect my third son and his new bride from their belated honeymoon.  The Florida sun could not match the sunshine that broke across their faces as they told me of their 5th story balcony overlooking the private beach.  Cool weather was not enough to dampen their pleasure in being together or freeze their fun. How wonderful for me to be a willing listener in this happy discourse.

Yes, this was a peaceful day full of life’s simple pleasures! There is a smile and glow in my heart.

One of the Best People in My Life


Have you thought about those people in your life who are your cheerleaders?  The kind of person who, when you are with them, always is building into your life?  The kind of person who, when you are with them, leaves you with the feeling that you are loved and important and special? The kind of person, when you are with them, makes you believe in yourself and make you want to be the best you possible?

I have someone who is that person.  Let me give you an example, a little vignette, of what I mean.  (It is kind of long…sorry about that!):

This is year 3 for me in the SOL challenge, and for some reason, life seems to be pushing in on me this year.  Time is a tyrant, not giving me extra “slicing” time. My slices don’t seem as powerful as in the past. Being a perfectionist, I want them to be perfect, but I haven’t had the time I need to ponder, revise, refine, and ponder again.  In addition to that, I don’t have the “Welcome Wagon” volunteers who read and comment on newbies’ slices. (Year 1 was so great!) So…a bit more discouraging. And the 2 slices that are my favorites didn’t really get any comments.  (Just as an aside, I bless you, the “Welcome Wagon” volunteers, who built into me as a writer in my first year.  Wow! Did I feel the power of having an audience read my first real, risk-taking attempts at writing! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  Hmm, that might be another slicing topic to stash away…)  Anyway, even though it has been a bit discouraging this year in the “not receiving very many comments” sense, I still personally am committed to writing everyday.  Go me!

With my hectic schedule this March when the Literacy Coaches in our district travel to Ohio (all 500 miles of it)  for 3 days of ongoing professional development through Literacy Collaborative at The Ohio State University (for which I am super thankful and appreciative), I have the added bonus of getting to see One of the Best People in My Life while here!  This person travels up to Columbus from Yellow Springs to spend one evening with me. She travels up and is waiting at the hotel for me when I finish my sessions at 4:00. We then have such a sweet time together, catching up on all the gossip: “How is so-and-so doing?”  “How is the baby?” “Is she already a year?” “Did I tell you the funny story about…?” “How is your friend who was sick?” And so it goes happily through the evening.

Then I remember…in the middle of a sentence…that slice!  I forgot to finish it. I run to my computer. (“Grrr,” I think, as this is eating into my precious time with One of the Best People in My Life).  I quickly finish it up and post it. Then, One of the Best People in My Life comes over and looks over my shoulder, trying to see what I am up to so frantically.  I decide to take a risk and read it aloud to her.

“That is really good!  I love it! I can’t believe you wrote that! I could never write like that.”

This is exactly why this person is One of the Best People in My Life!  I don’t have to tell you how that made me feel!

I didn’t even feel the need to endlessly check my blog for comments.  I am walking on Cloud 9…I still am!

Next, pizza.  We have a tradition of picking up pizza at Tommy’s Pizza on Lane Avenue and bringing it back to the hotel to eat.  We want to have as much time to chat as possible. (Sadly, we can never remember what size pizza we ordered last time and end up with way too much left over!  I can tell you positively that we should be ordering the SMALL!)  We chatter and laugh as the evening is slipping away.

Then, in the middle of a funny story, “Oh no, I forgot to comment on 3 other Slicers’ pieces!” I grumble to myself.  MORE time away from One of the Best People in My Life.  I zip over to my computer, praying I’ll find 3 short slices on which to comment.  I comment on 2 slicers who use WordPress. (Yah! That always is quick.)  After reading the third slice with which I can really relate, I notice too late is a Blogger site.  Boo! That always takes me about 10 times as long, because it doesn’t let me comment without first signing out from one account and logging into another one.  But, I do it anyway because I really want to encourage my new “friend” on her honest slice. Done.

The evening fades with heavy eyes and quiet, “Good night! Sleep well.”

Today is Day 8.  As the soothing water of my morning shower flows, my mind is busy thinking, thinking, thinking.  You guessed it, What will I slice about today?   And then it comes to me like a bolt of lightning flashing across the blackened sky:  I’ll write about One of the Best People in My Life.  

Did you guess who it is?

Yes, my Mom. Thank you, God, for this wonderful person who is One of the Best People in My Life.  

One of the Best People in My LifeOne of the Best People in My Life

I hope you have one of these people in your life, too…