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Never Too Old For a Sleepover


This afternoon my wonderful mother is meeting me for a sleepover. Six months before, I called with the happy news that I’d be in her state; I called with the invitation to a sleepover! As delighted as two young schoolgirls, we made our plans-when she’d arrive, where to come, and what we’ll do. We’re going to have so much fun!

I’ll pull into the parking lot, back from a long day of meetings. I know I’ll find her, as I have many times before, sitting patiently in her car, waiting. Waiting for me. We’ll go in, get settled, We’ll have small talk, little intimate discussions shared between a mother and a daughter. We’ll knit and chat and giggle and laugh outright, probably real belly laughs. Then, we’ll put our needles aside and humbly bow in a tender time of prayer, praying mostly for my children. How we want them to follow our LORD. Rising from this holy time, we’ll order pizza, take-out from a local pizzeria. We’ll bring it back to the room…mostly because we’ll want a relaxed and quiet place. No noisy customers, no jangling cups, or clinking dishes. Mostly, we’ll visit. We may decide visit the pool and dip our toes in the water, in spite of the two-hour rule, but then again, maybe we won’t.  Will we laugh by the poolside and share our thoughts  in the elevator?  Hmmm…we’ll decide.  As the evening deepens and begins to slumber, we’ll change into our comfy ‘jammies and crawl under the covers. We’ll continue our tête-à-tête, continue until one or the other slips softly to sleep.

Morning will find waking early; We’ll still be talking. No lack of words have we. A little more lingering over breakfast and a cup of coffee. Then, all too quickly, hugs and I love yous, glistening eyes, and waves good-bye. I send her on her way.

You’re never, after all, too old for a sleepover.



Sunday Psalm


1 The world displays Your greatness;

The heavens shout Your glory.

2  Waving grasses whisper praise;

Cattails bow in prayer.

3  Meandering streams with frosty shores

Hum the ancient hymns;

4  Tripping brooks with icy currents

Lilt the heavenly lyrics.   

5  Hopping robin with bright red breast

Chirp the cheerful chorus;

6  Scurrying squirrels with tails unfurled

Scamper to the rhythm.

7  Sing, oh my soul,

His wonders now proclaim.

8  Sing, oh my soul,

The Redeemer’s love exclaim.

9  Praise the Lord!

Praise the Lord, oh my soul!

Joy Givers

Joy Givers

I read a post today on Slice of Life by vanessaw2007 in which she talked about an exercise to share things that give you joy.  Her list made me smile and made me consider what things give me joy.  So giving her full credit for this idea and building upon it, here is my list.



Things That Give Me Joy…

Peaceful, quiet moments-I think of quiet places to linger when the day has been stressful or my heart needs to ponder.  I think of quiet places to reflect and recharge and refresh.

Snow falling-I think of gentle snows with lazily drifting snowflakes under illuminating streetlamps.  I think of muted sounds and snow-covered coats.     

Sunsets-I think of azure skies with golden clouds, of silhouetted trees guarding the  horizon.  I think of the sun whispering goodnight in fading hues. 

Hot tea on the patio in the early morning-I think of the awakening world.  I think of pausing, enjoying the quiet beauty, and of contemplating the emerging day.   

Gracie-I think of our loyal, loving Golden Retriever.  I think of her sitting at my feet as I wrote my thesis.  I think of her winning ways-stealing into my heart by bringing me a stick bigger than her puppy self.  I think of her swimming half-way to Michigan as we frantically tried to call her back.  I think of my gentle, aging friend whose nickname is Faithful-and-True.    

Husband-I think of John, lover, companion, and friend of 32 wonderful years.  I think of kindness and caring and comfort.

Children-I think of Emily, Johnny, Tommy, Jimmy, Maggie, and Davey.  I think of laughter   and fun and memories.

Mother, Father, sisters, brothers-I think of a life of acceptance and opportunities.

God-I think of Jesus.  I think of forgiveness,  of freedom, and of forever.  

I think of joy!