Robin Hunting


I’m so ready for spring.  Some may argue that today’s temperature, 72 degrees, is a sign of spring.  But to me, the one definitive sign of spring is spotting a robin.  Seeing a robin means spring is never far behind.  So tonight, after a late and long meeting, I decided I really needed to find that robin.

Setting out in my sneakers, yoga pants, and sweatshirt, I became that bird detective.  I wasn’t walking to get my 10,000 steps; I wasn’t walking to meet my daily fitness goal; I wasn’t walking to lose weight.  It  was an “I’m going on a robin-hunt walk.”  Starting up the hill, the streetlights flickered on, beginning to illuminate.  

Cheer-i-lee!   Cheer-i-up!  Cheer-i-oh!  Cheer-i-lee!

My eyes glanced upward, searching the sky, searching the trees.  Was that a robin?  I thought they only came out in the morning.

Cheer-i-lee!  Cheer-i-lee!

My eyes spotted a bird flying overhead and alight on an upper branch of the still-leafless maple tree.  Red breast!  Slate-gray feathers!  Yes, a robin!

I whipped out my phone.  Could I get the photo in time?  

The skittish robin, as if camera shy, flew off in search of another limb.

Cheer-i-up!  Cheer-i-oh!  Good-night!  I’ll see you again soon.

I turned and continued up the hill.  My spirits felt as high as the robin’s flight.

Spring is here!


Below is a short YouTube video about the American Robin.  At about 1:47, the robin sings his beautiful song.


About bjdonaldson

I think of myself as a Renaissance woman with a variety of passions. If you visited me, you might find me hanging out with my husband and children. Our Golden Retriever would be lovingly near. I am a Literacy Coach/Reading Specialist at an elementary school where I provide professional development and coaching to teachers. Formerly, I was a Reading Recovery teacher, an interventionist, and a middle and elementary classroom teacher. Getting up in the morning is not hard; I still love making a difference in the lives of children and teachers.

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